Why choose GeoToolbox


The shining points of GeoToolbox


Fresh & accurate worldwide data

Built in with multiple reliable geocoding service providers, GeoToolbox processes addresses worldwide. Our database offers the most up-to-date information, covering detailes about buildings, streets, districts and houses - all enabling reliable and accurate data.

Fast & Stable network

Our servers are hosted in dedicated data centres, covered by strict protection. CDN technology enhances the access speed from all over the world.

Flexible pricing

We provide the competitive products with competitive price. No matter if you’re purchasing GeoToolbox for personal use or commercial purpose, you can find a suitable deal for your needs by choosing from one of our reasonable price plans.

Together becomes stronger

GeoToolbox is a great option for those that need a good UI workflow as an extension to existing GIS solutions. When combined with GIS software like vMAP, GeoToolbox brings better geocoding results with multiple service providers and manual correction of those results.

Data security

To ensure data security, GeoToolbox follows and complies with the EU GDPR regulation. All the authorised data is stored in our secure, protected data centre. Additionally, GeoToolbox can be deployed into your own environment.

Dedicated service support

A dedicated support team by Haiberg GmbH that brings location intelligence solutions since 2005 with vMAP Portal and GIS extension products like adAssist and vMAP Tourmonitor.
Solve your location data challenge via step-by-step operations:
GeoToolbox is more than a common geocoder that transforms data between addresses and coordinates. It is designed to help users to improve their work efficiency on location data. Beyond geocoding, the enhanced features of GeoToolbox truly empower users to solve the problems of area planning and routing. Saving you time and resource intensive issues, that come from switching software.