Batch geocoding

Whether you want to geocode one single line of address or thousands of addresses at a time, GeoToolbox meets your needs.

  • GeoToolbox can process large volume of addresses in a short time.

  • A notification email can be sent to users after the geocoding process finishes, you can get back to the result anytime.


Multiple service providers

GeoToolbox can geocode addresses with multiple geocoding service providers at the same time. To get the most accurate and latest result, you can select more than one from the following service provider:

  • Nominatim

  • HERE

  • Photon

  • Opencage

  • Landesvermessungsamt


Address correction

GeoToolbox allows to choose your desired geocoder, visually compare and correct the geocoded addresses on map with the providers’ support, or just manually adjust the location coordinates as needed.



Based on your imported addresses in certain areas, GeoToolbox calculates the optimal route with three transportation mode options.

  • Calculating routes for: walking, biking, and driving.

  • Maximum time efficiency in optimal order. GeoToolbox calculates the route for your locations with the shortest driving time and optimal delivery order.

  • Self-defined start and end point. The start and end points are free to enable optimal routing plan, with less rigidity.

  • Multiple routing service providers including OSM, OSRM, Open route, HERE and others.


Area generation

  • Generate the most efficient service areas with geocoded house coordinates. Helping to manage service areas without wasting time and reducing data duplication.
    For instance, generate responsible and efficient sales territories for each sales person to manage and visit;
    Generate delivery areas for delivery guys to distribute newspapers or flyers;

  • Based on the generated areas, easily detect how many regional locations the specific areas cover.

  • Directly modify the generated areas by updating the addresses, or vice versa.


Data exchange/sharing

GeoToolbox allows to export the updated data in various data formats and share them across different platforms, to allow multiple team members to work on the same projects.

  • For geocoded addresses with coordinates, you are able to export these address data in WGS-84 or Mercator coordinate system in CSV format.
  • For calculated routes, you can export these routes in CSV format.
  • For generated areas, you can export these areas in Shape file or KML formats.
data-exchange_image1 data-exchange_image2 data-exchange_image3